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Weintraub Communications offers a full range of services that help organizations clarify their message and strategic path and find ways to amplify their voices among the audiences they most want to engage. Services include:

Communications Planning and Execution

Whether it supports an individual campaign or an entire organization, a communications initiative should begin with a comprehensive plan that:

  • Identifies – through primary and secondary research – the opportunities and challenges you’re likely to encounter along the way
  • Articulates the primary goals you want to accomplish so every aspect of the communications is pointed in the same direction
  • Enumerates target audiences and core messages you want them to hear, understand and, ideally, act upon
  • Establishes broad strategies that help navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities
  • Offers a detailed mix of tactics that animate the strategies and ultimately deliver the right messages to the right people

But planning is only the half of it – maybe even less than half. Truly successful communications programs must make those plans come alive. Weintraub Communications collaborates with clients to draft a blueprint of a program and also works closely with them to ensure smooth, successful execution.

Media Relations

When engagement with leading top-tier national and international media outlets is what an organization needs to amplify its message, Weintraub Communications:

  • Identifies journalists at a wide range of outlets most likely to cover an organization’s activities
  • Develops a proactive media outreach program that builds on anticipated news hooks to generate coverage
  • Crafts story lines and coordinates spokespersons, content and other assets that focus journalists on narratives that reinforce an organization’s messages (our objective) and make for good journalism (their objective)
  • Remains prepared to respond rapidly as big, relevant stories break and offer opportunities for an organization’s information and spokespersons to get visibility
  • Cultivates long-term relationships with journalists to ensure they regularly turn to an organization’s leaders and resources as trusted and reliable sources

Editorial Services

Weintraub Communications has long experience drafting and mapping out overall editorial content plans that include:

  • Op-Eds
  • Speeches
  • Papers and reports
  • Presentations
  • Website content

Media Interview Training and Preparation

For executives and organizational spokespersons who are the public face of an organization, preparation is essential. Weintraub Communications offers:

  • Workshops on the essentials of media interview techniques, which provide concepts and real examples of how best to deliver messages successfully
  • One-on-one simulations that enable spokespersons to hone their interviewing skills
  • Regular refreshers and rehearsals for spokespersons as they prepare to engage in interviews
  • Coaching for major speeches and presentations

Brand Strategy

A brand is made up of the qualities and values you want people to associate with your product or service. It gives them instant recognition of what you’re promising to deliver them and how that offering stands apart from others in the field.

Weintraub Communications works with clients either to establish a brand from scratch, in the case of a new product or organization; to re-brand, or dramatically change what you want audiences to know, think and feel; or simply to clarify a brand whose values are strong but not well known or understood. That process includes:

  • Commissioning and analyzing relevant primary and secondary research
  • Engaging leaders within an organization to identify and build consensus around brand values they want to transmit
  • Conducting creative ideation that generates fresh and compelling ways of reflecting the brand
  • Working with designers to create visual identity that amplifies the brand
  • Drafting and helping organizations execute a strategy that guides branding activities

Crisis Communications Management

When organizations find themselves facing a challenge to their public profile and reputation, Weintraub Communications will provide:

  • Advice on an overall approach in response to the challenge
  • Coordination of international resources necessary to respond effectively
  • Message development
  • Preparation of top spokespersons as they engage with the public
  • Insights about use of social media to respond during a crisis
  • Media outreach

High-Level Social Media Strategy

Weintraub Communications provides guidance on building a presence in social media through creative use of available channels and effective ways of engaging audiences through digital tools.  

Management of Teams Around Complex Projects

Weintraub Communications is also able to recruit from and lead projects with an experienced network of professionals who provide complementary communications services such as:

  • Web development and design
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Graphic design
  • Video production and photography
  • Event management
  • Public policy advocacy through direct lobbying, grassroots and grasstops mobilization
  • And much more.