What It Takes to Promote Literacy Worldwide

On International Literacy Day, Alice Albright, CEO of Global Partnership for Education, my client, discusses how reading initiatives in developing countries are promoting literacy. It’s a piece I helped develop, and it draws on just a few of the projects that the Global Partnership makes possible around the world. According to estimates by UNESCO, 757 million adults andContinue reading “What It Takes to Promote Literacy Worldwide”

The Last 15 Years in Global Education Show of Great Gains, Continued Challenges

Here’s a piece I wrote for the blog of (my client) the Global Partnership for Education, the leading multilateral organization promoting and supporting the development of primary education systems in developing countries around the world. It’s a summary of the UN’s 2015 Millennium Development Goals Report, which noted advances in primary school net enrollment rates, decreases in theContinue reading “The Last 15 Years in Global Education Show of Great Gains, Continued Challenges”

To Achieve Development Goals, Strengthen Education Worldwide

This September, the United Nations will commit to the new Sustainable Development Goals, which will succeed the Millennium Development Goals. The SDGs outline a new and ambitious worldwide effort to reduce poverty and hunger, improve health, enable equality, protect the planet and much more. To illustrate that point, my client, the Global Partnership for Education,Continue reading “To Achieve Development Goals, Strengthen Education Worldwide”

Clarify: Women Leading Push For Girls’ Education

On International Women’s Day, (my client) Global Partnership for Education recognizes in this post (with contributions by Weintraub Communications) 15 women who have helped promote girls’ education. Two of those women, activist and philanthropist Graça Machel, and Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg wrote in 2014: “In childhood and adolescence, too many girls are undernourished, stunted, denied education andContinue reading “Clarify: Women Leading Push For Girls’ Education”

Amplify: NY Times Op-Ed on Impact of Ebola on Education in Sierra Leone

Chernor Bah, a former refugee from the civil war in Sierra Leone, is a youth advocate for (our client) the Global Partnership for Education and a co-founder of A World at School, published this piece in The New York Times last fall with help from Weintraub Communications. He wrote: “It made me realize that whatContinue reading “Amplify: NY Times Op-Ed on Impact of Ebola on Education in Sierra Leone”

Clarity at the Pentagon?

In today’s National Journal, defense policy correspondent Sara Sorcher put her finger on one of the Pentagon’s most obvious communications problems: the frequent inability to speak in plain English. I don’t mean to be disrespectful. I’ve met so many impressive, extraordinary people in the military who perform miracles every day. But if you’ve spent evenContinue reading “Clarity at the Pentagon?”

Alan Alda on Clarity

Today’s New York Times features an interview with the actor Alan Alda, who, it turns out, has had a lifelong fascination with science. Not enough, apparently, to keep him from his successful acting career. But enough that he has brought his experiences as an actor — essentially a storytelling vocation — to help scientists communicateContinue reading “Alan Alda on Clarity”

Clarify: The Power of Simple Language

A COLLEGE WRITING TEACHER taught me one of the best lessons I ever learned about clarity in communications: it is the primary responsibility of the writer to ensure that the reader understands – not the other way around. Sounds pretty basic, right? But I can’t tell you how often I see people in many differentContinue reading “Clarify: The Power of Simple Language”