Amplify: Good Clients Make Good P.R.

When someone once asked Yogi Berra what makes a good baseball manager, he replied, “A good ball club.” Similarly, if you asked me what makes a good public relations professional, I’d say, ‘A good client.’ Here’s an illustration. In September 1987, I had just started a job in Chicago with a Jewish advocacy organization, andContinue reading “Amplify: Good Clients Make Good P.R.”

Amplify: A Media Relations Object Lesson From Donald Trump

I DON’T USUALLY spend a lot of precious time thinking about Donald Trump, but his dust-up last month with a public relations consultant offers an unexpected object lesson about basic media relations. The incident surrounds an article about Trump by McKay Coppins of Buzzfeed, the online news / entertainment / click-bait (or whatever you wantContinue reading “Amplify: A Media Relations Object Lesson From Donald Trump”